Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last night Tech Showed their true colours. They were over rated. 65 to 21 it was a great game. I will be the first to admit that i thought it would be closer but I am also glad that it was not. Now we have to wait and see Texas beat OU,Tech beat Texas, OU beat(killed) Tech. I believe that OU is Playing better football than Texas at the moment and is the best 1 loss team. The coaches think Florida is the best 1 lose team. What do you think. I is going to go down to the wire. God I love Football. Go Sooners beat them Cowboys. My Pick Three best teams in Order
1 OU
2 Texas
Time will tell.

Gang Out

Clint Black from "Put yourself in my shoes"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Out of my head

OK so here it is Thursday I have been sick for the last 3 days and am just now coming back to life again. My new Wii fitness program was put on hold and I will start that again tomorrow(like it is really going to work). So as you can see from the useless post below that I now can take pictures and post text from my cell phone. Now I can sit in public places and look like I am doing something important on my Blackberry just like everyone else. This may come in handy someday we will see. Christmas is coming and the house decorating has started. I truly love to put up lights and decorate the house. We do animated windows on our house. We have one window that will have two trains in it this year. I am starting a little early this year with hopes i can have it done by the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My brother and his family are coming down and I want my Nephew's to see the house. One is 18 and one is 5 i have never met the 5 year old. I have talked to him on the phone and he seems like a hoot. I will take pictures and maybe get some short video once we get it all done. Our whole neighborhood decorates and we hope to win best neighborhood. It is not about the winning to me. It is all about the look in the children's faces when they see my house. To me that's winning. I have just been writing whatever pops in to my head tonight I think is all the cold medicine that I have been taking. It is snowing in Pittsburgh(if anyone cares) I am watching football. Brain fart I am done.

Gang Out

The image below

The image below is a picture of my computer at the office. I am testing my mobile blogging from my phone


Wow it works is'nt that special

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm A Believer

So I was reading another blog today Flipping out with Clare. And i noticed we have something in common. Our body's tend to reject exercise although I am sure hers is better than mine. I am trying something new at least to me. I went and bought a Wii Fit to try to make working out fun. So one thing led to another and I had to have a new TV to play it on upstairs o darn now I can see the football games better too. So I hook this up last night and it proceeds to tell me I am fat (hell not just fat but obese) and out of shape, also that I trip and fall a lot because I have bad balance and poor posture. Thank god it can't check my spelling or it might tell me I am an idiot(which I may prove later). Now to make things worse I wake up this morning with a cold from hell ( some things never change). So I managed to not smash the thing to pieces for being so damn honest and I have decided to stick with it. Seems like something to blog about for awhile. I will post updates as to how well it is working. If you see a new comet in the sky you will know it did not go well. O yea one last thing thank you ken for the phone call I spent an hour trying to explain that one to the Wife. There is a reason I am glad she can"t see this blog. lol

Gang out

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day In the Life

Well today is my wife's birthday and she is 29 again. I keep telling here that we are to the age where we should be 39 again. Looks like it dinner out and then we come home and pass out to TV. We have this thing where you get a birthday weekend and we have to do what ever that person whats for the weekend. So Saturday I get to go shopping at the Houston Galleria woo firetrucking who. But I will go and pretend that i enjoy it ( because I am a good hubby)all the time trying to find all the electronic stores so i can check on the football scores and maybe catch some of the games.We also get to eat mall food looks like that will be Chikfliet. I think my parents want to take her to dinner after that. My feet will be hurting I will have had enough junk food to last a week and then i will stuff my self with some good old Mexican food and have the fiery shits for three days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY. Thank god she can not use a computer.

Gang out

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clap for the Wolfman

Thanks to Ken for the award that is on my page. I will work hard to live up to it and If I am lucky enough to get another someday i will pass it on like a good blogger should.

Gang out

Highway to Hell

Man you got to love those Texans 41 to 13 and once again I was there. It was really a close game right up to the point where we took the field than it got ugly. And to make matters worse my Dad and I always stay until the finial gun. its 41 to 13 with 58 seconds left and they decide to use all 3 of the firetrucking time outs. Yep that's what i would of done prolong the misery(not).Tech won and that sucked.Now for all you OU haters and Texas fans you need my OU boys to beat Tech next week. We have to get Texas into the championship game. Yes I am pulling for Texas. Again some day I will try to explain why I live in Houston (for 31 years )and still usually pull for OU. Since I only have one follower and he already knows why. No need tell myself I already know too.

Gang out

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Rhythm Method

Just as a way to makes things interesting. Starting with this post the title of the post will always be a song or a line from a song. I will make it a point to know what song and the group. See if you can guess. maybe this will get some to read this. There might be a time that I can not remember of find the name of the song I will ask for your help. The title of this post should be easy for Ken. We will just have to see how this works it aslo make me have to think before I post. Man is that going to hurt. Lets see who is the first to post.

Gang out

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time to stir the pot

This is all I have to say about Politics untill 4 years from now
I am so glad the election is over. And apparently the media got elected NBC,CBS and ABC ran a good campaign now we will see how they can run the country. Now understand this I am an American and even though i did not vote for our new president elect and I do not agree with his views on the correct direction of our great country he is our president and I will support him. But the media should be ashamed they did not report all the facts about all the candidates. Elections should not be decided by Media or just plain bad journalism. I sincerely hope our new President elect proves me wrong and I will gladly eat crow if he and his new staff can fix some of our problems of course that will only happen if he will listen to both parties Dem and Rep together have some great ideas if they can work together they will succeed individually they will fail. The parties must unite.

OK Iam done

gang out

Monday, November 3, 2008

The day the earth stood still. And then?

I don't know if it was the time change or what, but holy crap was this a long day or what. I got up at my normal 4:30 am got to work at 6:15 and I think that was when it happened time stopped. Of course I had a terrible case of the youn'ts ( Youn'ts = you don't want to do nothing ) and that did not help matters. Hell I slept drove to the office and every one wanted to take off early I heard 4 different excuses today. As follows

1. My stomach hurts can I go home early i think the fish that i brought from home was bad.

2. I had a Halloween party and my dog bit one of the kids. the mother took her to the doctor and now i have to go to my vet and pick up the shot records for my dog because they are calling animal control

3 My ex boyfriend kicked in the door to my apartment and I had him arrested I have to go and make sure they fix my door.

4 I have an eye doctor appointment

At least number 4 she ask me on Friday if it was OK so it was not a surprise.

For me 2 and 3 are the best 2 is the most original and gets best excuse of the day

I have nobody to blame but myself I was the one who gave up my nice sales job to become management (stupid stupid stupid) now I a glorified babysitter as well. Someday maybe I will tell the whole story more than likely not. Well starting to sound like i am bitching an that means I am getting sleepy.

Gang out

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just antoher Saturday

Saturday night and I finally have some time to myself. I lost my good digital camera at the football game. I wish I could say I was drunk but that is not true I was stone cold sober. Hell I did not even miss it for 2 days. Now I have to break out the Kodak digital. I starting to play frisbee with Jake our largest Doberman and he loves it. We had a demo last Saturday and I let my wife throw for him, but he does not mind her as well as me so now I am officialy into the frisbee now too. Hopefully I can get some pictures of him in action and get them posted.We have antother demo next weekend in Clearlake. We will see how he does then. I will say it looks pretty cool to 95Lbs of Doberman leaping 4 ft off the ground to catch a frisbee. GET OUT AND VOTE

Gang out