Monday, December 29, 2008

Wii Wii

Well the Wii fit program has been put on hold again. We gave the Wii fit to my Stepson and his girlfriend to take back to London with them. We bought him a Wii for Christmas and we were not sure he would want to haul it back with him. Well he did so we gave him our Wii fit also. So now I have to wait until the stores start to restock. I do not mind my Stepson and his girlfriend are worth it. So my Wii program will be on hold for a couple of weeks. I got my new camera and can now start with the pictures again. All will start after the new year. Golf tomorrow and not back to work until Jan 5 2009. Life is good.

Gang OUt

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What makes Christmas lights worth it

Copied from my other blog site I thought this was worth posting in both places.

As in my last post we all know how much I like to decorate. Well last night our door bell rang. I was upstairs watching football as usual. My wife answered the door and there was this women and her children her husband was waiting in the truck at the edge of our driveway and she gave us a large can of three flavored popcorn and a very nice card. She and her family express how much they enjoyed our lights and had to give us their family Christmas light award for what they thought was the best house. We were touched and we realized that this is exactly why we do what we do. Not for the gifts but for the joy it might bring others. I was looking out the up stairs window like a stalker but I could see their faces as the walked through our yard and looked closer at the windows and play in the bubbles from our bubble machines. It was priceless. It made me revisit the train and I managed to get it working again for now. I have to be careful with it and baby it along in short runs and it will more than likely not make it to the New Year. But by God it will run on Christmas Eve even if it burns up again. Than I will buy more spare parts and be more prepared for next year. " And they heard him exclaim as he went out of sight Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night"

Thank you Thomson family you made our year.

Just saying But this time with a little bit of heart that I did not know I had.

Gang Out

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to basics next year.

My wife will be getting me a new camera to replace the one I misplaced at the football game. I know this because I was there when she bought it for me. She will not let me have it until Christmas. So after the Holidays I will be posting more pictures of stuff, I have no kids just dogs. So you will probably see a lot of dog shots. I want to finish the GTO before I die so you may see pictures of the progress so if you read this for the next 10 to 20 years you might get to see a finished product. I hope to snap so shots of other things also and not bore everyone with just dog and car shots. But I am a simple man, like Popeye said "I am what I am and that's all that I am". We might even take a trip down memory lane with past pictures that I have. And I have quit a few of those . But we will see. It is all going to depend on how this plays out. This may be the last post of the year on this blog as my stepson and his girlfriend are come in from London on the 23 and we have a lot to do before they arrive. So just in case have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year . Let's all stay safe.

A rare picture of the whole family

Gang OUt

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Houston Texans

Wow. Houston won another game that is four in row the first time ever. Superbowl here we come. Ok I am dreaming, but we did win 4 and beat the best team in the league. Well the team with the best recored in the league maybe not the best team.It is still an big deal to us. All we have to do now is beat Oakland and then DA BEARS and we will have our first winning recored in franchise history. IT CAN BE DONE. IT WILL BE DONE IT MUST BE DONE. JUST DO IT.


Friday, December 12, 2008

let it snow (in Houston?)

It snowed in HOUSTON on Wednesday night not a big deal for some but it was huge for us. I got very little at my house which is just north of Houston. Some my employees got 2 to 4 inches.These are pictures of their house. A shame it could not have waited until Christmas that would have been something.
Gang OUt

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas lights video (shaky first draft)

Ok I tested it and it seems to work here is the complete video. I know it sucks. Now that I know how to to it I will set up the tri pod and get a nice steady video soon. Hope you enjoy.

Gang OUt

Holy Crap Batman

A co-worker of mine had a heart attack over the weekend and ended up with triple bypass surgery. They say he will be OK. He is only about 3 years older than me. CRAP wake up gang or I will be next I am over weight and sit on my a$$ alot and watch other people exercise(football). I actually lost 1 lb using the Wii. But that was only because I carried it up and down the stairs trying to deiced where to set it up. So maybe there is hope for it yet. Work is stressful and I have a dog with a sleep disorder that is causing me to have a sleep disorder. Fat, Stressed and not sleeping. Right out of the book Heart Attack for Dummies. So what to do? Eat right, exercise have less stress at work and sleep. I can make this work. If I sleep at work that would reduce the stress and eliminate an unhealthy lunch. Three down. Now for the exercise. Lets see drink more beer which will make me Pee more causing me to have to get up and run the the bath room. Case solved. Man there ain't nothing to this being healthy stuff. I will let you know how it works.

Should have some pictures of Christmas lights Tonight and will try to get them posted tonight also.

Gang OUt

Friday, December 5, 2008

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

I started the day after Thanksgiving and seemed like it would never end but in the end it was worth it. THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ARE UP LET THE JUDGING BEGIN. The trains are running the bubble machines are blowing the lights are set to music and Rudy is shaking his booty. I won't win squat and I don't care like I have always said it is not about the winning it is about the kids faces and the thanks people give us as the drive by our drunk a$$es in the drive way. ( We have as much fun sitting in the driveway by the fire watching them go by as they do looking at the lights.)I will try to get some pictures it is hard to get good night shots.Maybe I can get some video too.

Gang OUt