Friday, May 15, 2009


Monday, April 27, 2009

A work in progress

So I have been building a pond in the backyard. On and off for a while I am finally putting the finishing touches on it. The water fall was thrown together and needed to be reworked. Here are some pictures from the beginning. The rain has slowed the process and the new waterfall has a lot of work still to be done but I hope to have it done by the weekend.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Slow to return

With the end of football season and the recent passing of my wife's mother. I have found it difficult to post. I hope to change this soon. I would like to say some things about my wife's mother but cant seem to get it done with out getting choked up. So I will wait and in time will get that done. I know you are wondering what football has to do with not posting. Well I always posted while watching football. Now I have to spend more time with the wife and can not post. Spending time with the wife is not a bad thing just so you know. But I do miss my football. The other sports pretty much suck.


Gang out.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sad Times

Dutch O'Donnell
June 1 1912- March 20 2009
We love you and we will miss you.
Keep heavens doors open for us.

Gang Out with a heavy heart

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I love my dogs

Those of you who read this know I love my dogs as I have no kids. O sorry the one of you who reads. My big boy Jake has had a few thing removed from his stomach and and Brandi has also. I have spent many thousands of dollars and I do mean thousands. I have learned the signs of a dog that has eating something that will not pass. I and I have learned of stomach bloating as we lost one of our dogs to that in 2001. So when Jake started throwing up and pacing the floor all fricking night I thought SHIT. So yesterday we take him to the vet. Great cut him open again. 700 dollars later and many x-rays I find out he had a FRICKING TUMMY ACHE.Are you kidding me a TUMMY ACHE. Bottom line he is my baby and I love him and would do it again.
Gang out

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wii update 1

OK I have always considered my self fairly athletic. I am now some what over weight but not to bad(in my mind anyway) This Wii Fit thing is just a video game right? Not really a way to get in shape Right? It kicked my fat ass and I am apparently still an unbalanced obese dweeb. So it keeps telling me. You should see me do the hula hoop not a pretty sight. Yoga I don't bend like that. Then there is this jogging in place thing too. Now keep in mind my Wii is up stairs. You can knock pictures off walls along with other things if you are not light on you feet. And of course the Wii says I am a clumsy oaf, yet all my pictures are still there. As you go you unlock new things and more reps. I actually find that I am enjoying this. Hell i will never make mister American use the Wii but it might help me get the Nordic Track out of the attic because that sumbitch will work you out. I got to start somewhere. The goal is 30 lbs by April 28. Stay tune more to come.

Gang out

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wii Fit Is Back

Ok I got another Wii Fit today so I can start my new weight loss program again. (My stepson is enjoying the one we gave him.)And I know that this will be the one that works(yea right). Just as soon as I get off my ass and hook the thing up. The goal is 30 lbs by April then I will be lean and mean. Well maybe just not as fat. I was reading that the Wii has a weight limit. Damn can you imaging being to fat to play a video game. Monday it begins and I will keep every one informed of my progress .Like you give a shit but i will do it any way.

Gang out

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What you don't know

OK I am not going to give a play by play of who I am. So I will start with what neK asked. It was some where around 1991 give or take a year but the day for sure was July 5. A friend of mine ask me to go to Sam's and Sam's Boat and party.These were clubs and they were next door to each other. He was going meet another friend there. So we all met at McDonald's Brian Myself and Nancy. Little did I know Brian was trying to set Nancy and I up. Lots of beer later it seemed to work. Next day I gave her a call and we started dating. About 8 months later I bought a house and she and her son moved in.8 year later at the rodeo barbecue I ask her to marry me. So on June 24 2000 I was married.(STUPID STUPID STUPID). We sold the house. So we loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly OK just The Woodlands. We are still here. There was a lot more in between but this explains how I met my wife. And by the way I am just kidding about the stupid part. My wife is a great women. Hell she has to be to put up with me. So the bottom line is I met my wife at McDonald's. Big Mac with benefits.

Gang Out

I will find the time

Back to work after 11 days off. It does not pay to take time off. I have been playing catch up every since. Getting close now so I will be back posting and story telling shortly. I will try to post at lunch time. I can't stay awake at night any more (I must be getting old). I get up at 4:30 am every day so I can be to work by 6 or 6:30 depends on traffic. Once the employees get there I can not get as much done. I know cry me a river. Good news I leave at 4 PM. It is good to be the King. Anyway keep checking back

Gang out

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who wants to know

I got nothing to say that anyone really wants to here. I do not type or spell worth a crap and I am not to willing to share my life with strangers. With that said I am willing to do small stories about my self only if anyone cares to read them. They will not be very exciting but they are mine. They will go like this.

I was born in Kansas City, Kansas ( not Missouri) Were I lived for 5 years so they is not much to say about those years. I do remember a little. From there I went to Wichita ,Kansas 2 years then Omaha, Nebraska 4 years then Denver Colorado 9 weeks then Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 6 years and ended up in Houston Texas in 1977 and have been her every since

I will back things up with pictures when possible.

So who wants to know.

Gang out

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dobermans Since I have no kids these are my children

Jake and Donkey they were the same height
Jake just before the surgery to remove this object can you guess what it was. (for answer scroll down to end) They are dumb when they are young. Jake puppy

Jake and Annie

Jake not very happy

Annie and donkey Annie at Play

Annie at Frisbee Meeting

Annie as Puppy

Brandi Brandi sleep standing

Here is Lucy as a Vulture

trying to look hungry

The object in the x-ray was a Motorola Blue Tooth ear piece

Saturday, January 3, 2009

1965 GTO

I Just noticed there are not many pictures of My GTO here.So here are three. More of dogs later.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year . I love Jan 1 football all day. And my wife hates it. Jan 2 more football and the lights come down. Jan 3 More football and I am more than likely still packing up Christmas lights.Jan 4 thru Jan 8 more football. Damn I love this time of year. The only down side is Jan 5 back to work. And after an 11 day vacation it will be tough to get started again. I need to win the Lottery.

Gang out