Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well once again the Sooner's go down in flames to the Longhorns. Some people will want to say the there were bad calls and that was why they lost. Bottom line is Texas was better and deserved to win they came to play and play they did. for all of you Texas fans my hats off to you.( just wait until next year) On a better note ( at least for me)THE TEXANS WON A GAME that deserves a repeat THE TEXANS WON A GAME. So my father and I got to see a very good game today we sat there sober may I add ( father Alzheimer's so I need to stay sober)and for a change watched the Texans dive the field and score with 3 seconds left it was awesome. But hell it does not take much to entertain me. I thought it was funny to see a cat jump 15 ft straight up after throwing a beer can at it. You had to be there.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

saturday golf and sunday football

Well here it is the end of a fun weekend for a change away from all the hurricane issues. Saturday I got to play golf with my new contacts.I did not know that sand and golf balls were magnetic but this appears to be true also try as I may golf balls will not float dang the luck. I would love to blame the new eyes but alas maybe my game just sucked that day. The good news is it was a beautifulday and I did see my ball hit trees and lakes and sand that one week ago would have been a blur. YEE HAA !!!! Still adjusting to the mono vision though. About the football I have seaon tickets to the Houston Texans a great game it was right up untill we found yet another way to lose. Although my golf game was off and the Texans lost again I look forward to next weekend and hope I can do it all again. O yea next week is the Texas / OU football game GO SOONERS. I know how can I live in Texas and pull for OU thats story for antoher time.

gang out for now

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dogs in action

We compete in Frisbee competitions with 3 of our Dobermans.Theses are pictures of Brandi(top) and Annie in action.Brandi is 9 years old and blew out a knee 2 years ago. She only does demos now. Always a crowd pleaser.
The Gang

pictures of the namesake of blog

Well here they are the GTO and dogs. They both really do exist.

The gang

New eyes

OK I am switching from glasses to contacts. What a pain in the a#$. I am doing this so I can see to play golf. ( I want to see my ball hit that tree further down the fairway). I am +125 in one eye and +150 so they are making me mono vision. We can go to the moon but can not make contacts that can correct our vision with out being mono vision. Depth perception is a problem now. well you know what they say "The only difference between a brown noser and a shithead is depth perception. I am not a brown noser so I guess that leaves the latter.

the gang

Remember I warned you about my spelling